The latest installation “Higher One” can be experienced at BigArt, Amsterdam
Location: Bajeskwartier  H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48,1096 AN Amsterdam 
Date /time 4 – 6 november 2022 


Clifton Mahangoe is back on Big Art. He presents his latest work Higher One. He reflects the primal source of light in a variety of shapes… Zoomed in on the cell structure, the deep infinity of the lens, the enchantment of stillness. It cannot be steered but flows through itself, just like work at home or in public spaces does. The Higher One works will be expressed in various ways, such as Digital NFT forms, physical (combination between digital and physical) and physical works of art such as prints on paper and steel. In whatever form the touch with the light brings up a memory. Mahangoe aims to create a field of light. “In the complexity of our time, light has a constant and moving character. The depth and power cannot be underestimated.” The fact that the Higher One work is being presented in the Bijlmerbajes gives this latest presentation an extra special dimension. Clifton Mahangoe wants to attract people’s attention, connect, contribute to awareness about life on this planet and give his audience the authority to sense their environment. “You are part of the universe and the universe is you. You are part of the light and the light is you.”
Stillness 2D, 100cm, print on dibond, edition 10