“I have always felt a strong source of light inside of myself. Growing up light came to me through the stories, symbols and colours of the ancient wisdom traditions of my Hindu and Buddhist family. It waw hem I built my first light installation that I knew the artist in me was born”

In my photography and video work I capture the golden moments of light in nature. These stunningly beautiful moments activate our unconscious memory. By playing with their repetitive patterns, I build worlds of light that allow you to sink into a sweet space of emptiness and silence. From here, this light can touch you from within.   

There is evidence that time and light are relative.  My art comes from a field where future, now and past are vibrating with each other. We are all on discovery, and so is light.  Like the moon the light is close and  far away. Like the sun , light is earthly and  cosmic. Like water, light it is nourishing and magical.  My desire is to make the light of the cosmos, the light of nature and inner light visible.

We are a part of creating that which we behold . Touching with light, from the smallest molecules of the earth to the patterns in the universe and through technology to the core of our human hearts is a grounding and expanding experience. Light is the most multi dimensional instrument I can play with and uncovering the depths of it’s layers technically and spiritually is the essence of my work.  It is a passing journey of remembrance and a form of art in service something much larger than me as an artist.

In the nineties Clifton Mahangoe was one of the first to use video projections of waterfalls and other natural phenomena on life-sized holo-, and water screens as decor pieces during commercial events. He often worked together with Dutch artists such as Mischa Klein and REL.These enchanting installations gave the visitor a stimulating sensation. From these applied designs, Mahangoe developed his current autonomous works. His oeuvre consists of videos and light installations in which Mahangoe creates a great attention for stillness. The artist has a deep interest in spirituality, energies and the meditative effect of natural phenomena. Nature in general, and water in particular, have a healing effect according to Mahangoe. Water acts as a mirror that confronts us with the hustle and bustle of our daily existence and at the same time brings us peace of mind. We find all these aspects in the videos and light installations of Mahangoe. The installations are often a succession of intertwined images: running water, reflections, shadow play, a sky full of stars. The slow rhythm of the sequences creates a mesmerising and soothing effect. Important to the artist is the use of the circle, the symbol of infinity: the line without beginning or end.

Clifton Mahangoe owes his inspiration to artists such as Jan Dibbets (Weert 1941), Anish Kapoor (Bombay 1954), Bill Viola (New York 1951) and Olafur Eliasson (Copenhagen 1967). Clifton Mahangoe’s work in recent years was shown at the Salone in Milan, Bank Hall in San Francisco, Jumeirah hotel Dubai, Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, Castle Doornburgh (Maarssen), the Kunstfort Asperen (Acquoy) and gallery Cleyne Huys in The Hague, Oceanic Global in Atzaro Ibiza. (4 years in a row Westergasfabriek Stenen Pleintje, Amsterdam). Clifton Mahangoe is invited to expose his work at the periphery of the Venetian Biennale in 2019.

At the moment Mahangoe is working on a series of installations in which spiritually rich places of this world play a leading role. In these new works he will show the energy of these unique locations.

In the year 2017, Mahangoe has performed several meditation sessions at various magical places on Earth, for instance at islands built on crystals and where waterfalls meet jungle and sea. From the jungle of Thailand to the caves of Menorca and the magnificent rock island Es Vedra on Ibiza. There, through the prisms in waterfalls and healing light rays, Mahangoe has experienced Prana directly flowing from nature and as this merged with the flow of his breath, a path of inner journey was created. Mahangoe grew up in a family of Hindu priests and thus the Buddhist and Hindu philosophies of life are intertwined in his work. Within the Hindu and Buddhist dharma (path / way of life), Prana represents all cosmic energy, permeating the Universe and life on all levels. According to Gautama Buddha, there is no individual identity and there is only Prana. Everything is a manifestation of Prana and Prana is the connection between everything.

“While painters use brushes, paint and canvas, Mahangoe uses light and projection as carriers of his message to share his vision of relativity in the perception of light, space and time.”

2005 – 2012  Coaching & counseling

Education  HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Art design for interaction  3d Design, Animation, Illustration
Commission  develops short art films for public space, to improve spatial experiences from stations
10 films without beginning or end, intrigued by the architecture of Rotterdam
Period  2007  (6 months)

Education   TU Delft University of Technology, Interaction design, industrial design, strategic product design
Commission  develops a visual concepts for the public space, in order to enhance the spatial experiences of public space
Goal   Aims to bring video art into the public space by designing new forms of buildings and squares
Period  2008-2009  (12 months)

Videocredits Driekunstenaars – Tom van den Dool