This work is named after and inspired by the hidden and mystical island Atlantis. It shows images of water reflections turning into abstract lines and patterns that then develop into a suggestion of an optical sphere. This creates a meditative effect that induces reflection and introspection. The work takes the viewer along in an enchanting movement of light fragments that continuously change shape. By exploring land and seascapes, the work captures the essence and mystery of the island of Ibiza, from where the images originated.


In his installations and videos, the artist Mahangoe appeals to those who want to connect through light. To him everything in the universe is connected by life energy. Just as a globe at a distance is perceived as a dot and near as a circle, the Earth and the stars can also be observed as two or three-dimensional objects. This phenomenon manifests itself in everything; everything is relative. We are part of the immense universe: as a significant part as well as a microscopic part. Mahangoe introduces this relative perception of time and life energy, in this circular, multidimensional artwork.

Light sculpture, Diameter 100cm and various sizes, Film, Color, No Sound, Duration: 8 min. Noiseless LED Technology,  Series 7 of 10,  price €15.000,-