This work was made in Switzerland and Costa Rica, in high mountains and under pure flowing waterfalls. I film underwater footage at this location and then project them onto a 360-degree sphere. The lightwork can be experienced differently throughout the day due to different angles in which the sun reflects off of the surface, with the round shape combined with light gives a dynamic effect. By playing with repetitive patterns, I build worlds of light that activate our unconscious memory.

“The Sphere Zwitserland 2020” Serie Stillness of light – Golden Angels  – Epoxy coating, print, dibond brushed  – 120cm (diameter) – edition of 10 – price €7.800,-   

Other sizes:

  • 100x100cm  €5800,-  edition of 10
  • 75x75cm       €3750,-   edition of 12
  • 60x60cm      €2550,-   edition of 15
  • 50x50cm      €1650,-    edition of 15












In my work I explore abstraction and where the boundaries of familiarity begin to blur. I use cutting-edge and new technologies that give as sense of scaled images from cosmic worlds. In fact, it is the real world perceived through petri dishes, extreme close-up motion-control of drone footage geothermal landscapes and underwater footage of pristine waterfalls. We are a part of creating that which we behold. Touching with light, from the smallest molecules of the earth to the patterns in the universe and through technology to the core of our human hearts is a grounding and expanding experience. Light is the most multidimensional instrument I can play with and uncovering the depths of its layers technically and spiritually is the essence of my work. It is a passing journey of remembrance and a form of art in service of a the greater good.