Higher One reflects the primal source of light in a variety of shapes…. Zooming in on the cell structure, the deep infinity of the lens, the enchantment of stillness. It cannot be directed but flows through itself.       
Higher One Serie print dibond   – 100cm x 100cm  – edition of 10 – price € 4.400,-     

Specially for this period of the year, conceptual light artist Clifton Mahangoe shows his latest light artworks from the ‘Stillness of Light’ series. In his work Mahangoe investigates sunlight, artificial light and his own ‘inner light.’ While painters use brushes, paint and canvas, artist Mahangoe uses light and projections of nature as carriers of a message that run deeper than his own. His exploration of light as a language pushes the boundaries of visual light art. The slow rhythm of his projected sequences creates a mesmerizing and soothing effect on the viewer. You get the feeling that you are part of something bigger.

Mahangoe: My studio is nature and I always look for places in the world where there is a high vibration and where light flows. This work was made in Switzerland in high mountains and under pure flowing waterfalls. I film underwater footage at this location and then project them onto a 360 degree sphere. Then I print a carefully chosen frame on a brushed steel panel. This is covered with an epoxy layer so that it gets a holographic effect. The light work can be experienced differently throughout the day due to different angles in which the sun reflects off of the surface, with the round shape combined with light gives a dynamic effect. By playing with repetitive patterns, I build worlds of light that activate our unconscious memory.

“The Sphere Zwitserland 2020” Serie Stillness of light – Golden Angels 2  – Epoxy coating, print, dibond brushed  – 100cm (diameter) – edition of 10 – price €5.800,-     


“The Sphere Costa Rica 2022” Serie Stillness of light – Easter wind - Epoxy coating, print, dibond brushed - 100cm (diameter) - edition of 10 - price €7.000,- With his 2D work, he marks the four wind directions in this installation: the north, the east, the south and the west. The light projections in the Sphere 2D is new work shot in Costa Rica Mahangoe has made endless hours of video followed by a frame by frame study of the images of flowing water, reflections, shadows and stars.

“The Sphere Zwitserland 2020” Serie Stillness of light – Golden Angels 2  – Epoxy coating, print, dibond brushed  – 120cm (diameter) – edition of 10 – price €7.800,-   

Other sizes:

  • 100x100cm, €5800,-  edition of 10
  • 75x75cm, €3750,-       edition of 12
  • 60x 60cm, €2550,-      edition of 15
  • 50x50cm, €1650,-         edition of 15

“The Sphere Zwitserland 2020” Serie Stillness of light – Zilver light  – Epoxy coating, print, dibond brushed  – 100cm (diameter) – edition of 10 –  price €5.800,- 

For more information please contact Clifton Mahangoe, +31628076644 – cmahangoe@gmail.com