Throughout his career Mahangoe’s art has touched on interconnectedness, the power and solace to be found in nature and the resilience held in eyes, heart and soul. While painters use brushes paint and canvas, Mahangoe uses light and projection of nature as carriers of a message deeper than his own. His exploration of light as an eloquent language in and of itself, expands the boundaries of visual light art. 

The slow rhythm of his sequences projected, create a mesmerizing and soothing effect for the viewer. You get the feeling you are part of something bigger. His spheres of light unearth feelings, energies, and memories for which there are no words.

“I have always felt a strong source of light inside of myself. Growing up light came to me through the stories, symbols and colors of the ancient wisdom traditions of my Hindu and Buddhist family. It waw hem I built my first light installation that I knew the artist in me was born”

In my photography and video work I capture the goldens moments of light in nature. These stunningly beautiful moments activate our unconscious memory. By playing with their repetitive patterns, I build worlds of light that allow you to sink into a sweet space of emptiness and silence. From here, this light can touch you from within.   

There is evidence that time and light are relative.  My art comes from a field where future, now and past are vibrating with each other. We are all on discovery, and so is light.  Like the moon the light is close and  far away. Like the sun , light is earthly and  cosmic. Like water, light it is nourishing and magical.  My desire is to make the light of the cosmos, the light of nature and inner light visible.

We are a part of creating that which we behold . Touching with light, from the smallest molecules of the earth to the patterns in the universe and through technology to the core of our human hearts is a grounding and expanding experience. Light is the most multi dimensional instrument I can play with and uncovering the depths of it’s layers technically and spiritually is the essence of my work.  It is a passing journey of remembrance and a form of art in service something much larger than me as an artist.