In my work I play with all kinds of light, sunlight, technical light and our own inner light.I have always lived in Amsterdam. My need to spend a lot of time in nature has therefore become a must. In search of stillness and the stillness behind the stillness, capturing moments with my camera in nature was a natural development. The round and the infinite shapes are an inherent part of how I express what I see and feel. These shapes bring an element of surprise in an otherwise ‘square’ city. My hope is that in this way people will be again amazed by the beauty of nature: Mother Earth and her elements in their silent, unobtrusive and yet profound (and unfaltering) presence.  For me, water is a symbol of life energy which is why you often see running water in my work. The repetitive patterns in the water put me in a meditative state – a state of emptiness and silence. I try to reciprocate this effect.  I use it as a medium to make people reconnect and experience the wonder of nature and life energy that is running through everything.