Berlin’s first international Light Art Weekend in the historic industrial basement 2018

Berlin’s first Light Art Weekend to present international light art in the historic industrial basement

the first group exhibition dedicated to light art to be held in Berlin and will feature immersive site-specific light sculptures and held in the historic Alte Münze basement in Berlin from 30th November – 2nd December 2018
The exhibition will showcase twelve artists from eight countries: Thorbjørn Lausten, Regine Schumann, Protey Temen, Yvonne Goulbier, Jakob Oredsson, Dori Deng, Shuster & Moseley, Clifton Mahangoe, Carlo Bernardini, mayer+empl.

Berlin – The curatorial platform ARTE LUCE will open its first Light Art Weekend exhibition, on Friday, November 30th, 2018 in Berlin. The intergenerational and international exhibition will be held over the course of the weekend in the iconic Alte Münze basement in Berlin’s Mitte district.

All works will use forms of light as a medium, and are either site-specific or have been unavailable to the public for over 23 years. Light art is a contemporary art genre that uses light as a medium of expression through sources such as projectors, LEDs, lightbulbs, neon and lasers. Indirect applications of light and reflections also play an essential role.

is the first group exhibition dedicated to light art to be held in the German capital. Despite this, artists have been experimenting with forms of light since the 1960s, and famous figureheads include James Turrell, Dan Flavin, Olafur Eliasson and Mischa Kuball, whose works are increasingly visible in Berlin. Over the duration of the weekend, the public will have the opportunity to experience works by emerging and established artists.


Thorbjørn Lausten (DK) Regine Schumann (DE) Yvonne Goulbier (DE) Protey Temen (RU) Shuster & Moseley (UK) Carlo Bernardini (IT) Dori Deng (CN)

Jakob Oredsson (SE) Clifton Mahangoe (NL) mayer+empl (DE)

Clifton Mahangoe presents 3 Light sculptures

Sphere I 2014
Sphere II 2015
Sphere III 2016

Wood, coating layers, Led projections, 100 cm diameter x 4cm depth

 is a series of installations using projections onto convex surfaces. In this unique composition, he masterfully applied technology to create a meditative experience. Mahangoe communicates to the viewer by illustrating the most basic natural elements and visualising a constant state of alteration in our environment. The response by the viewer was also an integral part of the work. Mahangoe wished to capture people’s attention, bring them together, contribute to their awareness about life on this planet and let them feel the authority over their surroundings.

Photography by Katharina-Kritzler