The latest light sculpture “TRANSCENDING STILLNESS” can be experienced at BigArt, Amsterdam

Location: Bajeskwartier H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 48,1096 AN Amsterdam
Date /time 29 September – 1 Oktober 2023 – 10u till 18u
More info:

Transcending Stillness is an interactive multidimensional light sculpture composed of seven spherical shapes. It references the seven circles in the atomic drawings of Giordano Bruno and David van Goorle (also known as Gorlaeus), early 17th-century atomists. In his book “Idea Physicae” Van Goorle proclaimed his atomic theories stating that there are indeed smallest particles. For his time, these were revolutionary ideas. Gorlaeus philosophically addressed topics such as object movements, the nature of the heavens and the human soul much like the artist Mahangoe does. This concept resonates throughout this installation, where the content changes every second. The light artwork absorbs sunlight, providing a new equilibrium to the organized mass found in nature. The Spheres represent the universe of which we are a small part. The viewer is invited to perceive light, shapes, perspectives, silence and movement.

About the light technique and sunlight
The Spheres range from 75cm to 150cm in diameter and are made out of prints on a plexiglass frame. Ambient light and technical light play a significant role. Throughout the day sunlight shifts and interacts with the artwork. On dark days of the year, light gradually emerges with projected moving images. The LED projectors automatically activate as the room gets darker, controlled by light sensors. The installation is created using 3D mapping, displaying the effect of moving molecules. In sunny daylight, the floating texture of the Spheres captures this sensory effect in a play of shadows and golden light. The installation operates continuously throughout the space.

Digital Light sculpture, print op glass frame, Diameter 2x75cm, 2x100cm, 2x125cm, 1x150cm. Animation, Color, 23:41”, Noiseless LED Technology, Edition of 7