Light artist Mahangoe makes great gesture of light for peace during Big art
Latest light installation combine 2 and 3 D works and shinespeace to all wind directions

Especially for Big Art light artis Mahangoe stretches the basis of his work Big time into the universe. In his installation “Light for Peace” he brings together the best of his work to date, masterfully combining his 2D- and 3D work to create a place of stillness and contemplation in the complex world we live in today. In his newest installation Clifton sends light to all corners of the world, especially to war zones, where it is needed most. The war on Ukraine providing an extra urgency to a mission he long felt for people and places all over the world. He uses his 2D work to mark the four directions of the wind (the North, the East , the South and the West)in this installation. The Sphere 3D is the placed in the middle of the circle as a place of beginning and no end, as the place of the infinite source. The digital artwork in the Sphere 3D is new work shot in Costa Rica.  The artist has a deep interest in spirituality, energies and the meditative effect of natural phenomena. Through his works, he mediates the healing effect of nature, in particular, water. The basis of his work is endless hours of video, frame by frame studies that depict intertwined images of running water, reflections, shadows and stars. Years of technical photo and materials study have allowed a gateway to portray this. Clifton Mahangoe wishes to capture people’s attention, bring them together, contribute to their awareness about life on this planet and let them feel the authority over their surroundings.

“ You are part of the universe and the universe is you. You are part of the light and the light is you.”


PRESS RELEASE : BIG ART opens its doors for a special summer edition of the fair and exhibition
Friday 24 June to Sunday 26 June
Great art in summer atmospheres

The XL art platform will be back on Hembrug for the last time, after which the location will be taken into use. All the more reason to unpack again. Despite all the limitations, BIG ART was able to continue in recent years and the platform attracted a lot of attention. BIG ART, which normally takes place in the autumn, distinguishes itself from other fairs in the Netherlands, but also from exhibitions in museums and galleries. It is one of the few places where large-scale works of art can be displayed, making it a popular stage for artists who need space. The industrial halls of the Project.Fabriek are ideal for XL sculptures, drawings, paintings, light art, photography and kinetic installations. Projectiles up to one meter high were made in this former weapons factory. You can drive a large canvas or statue through the enormous doors. The spaces are raw, which creates an exciting contrast with the often delicate works of art.

Accessible: BIG ART is aimed at a wide audience, people who do not always enter an art fair, museum or gallery, but who do want to be surprised and inspired. Every year we look for a stimulating combination of different art disciplines, well-known names and emerging talents, autonomous and more applied work. As a result, BIG ART remains interesting for the art professional, but there is also a lot to discover for a broad target group. Due to the location of the Hembrug site in the greenery and right on the North Sea Canal, the area has extra appeal, especially in summer. This used to be the heart of the Defense Line of Amsterdam. The extensive site of over 42 hectares still has more than 100 industrial buildings that are reminiscent of the former munitions factory. Now this leafy area is home to dozens of creative entrepreneurs, various art and cultural institutions and lively catering.

Showcase: Many artists use the opportunity to create new work on the spot. Each edition, several works are made ‘in situ’ that relate to the location. Anne van der Zwaag, director of BIG ART: “For artists this is a way to show what they have to offer. New assignments often roll out here.” Most art installations are for sale, but they can also serve as examples. Van der Zwaag: “Not everyone has the space at home for such a large work of art, but they do have the space for a smaller-sized painting or drawing by the maker.” In the coming edition, many new participants will participate such as Jeroen Koolhaas, Clifton Mahangoe, Milena Anna Bouma, Quinda Verheul and Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, but also well-known names for BIG ART such as Rosemin Hendriks and Maria Vashchuk bring new work. Both galleries and independent artists participate in the art fair.